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Jessyboo92 PNA - Part 2

and the Ruler of the Sect Light. That leaves three planets remaining:


Mars is the in-sect Malefic and is placed in Pisces, the fourth Place along with Venus.

Mars is thus in an angular House, and he is Rising and Direct and in the place of a sectmate (the exaltation of Venus) Mars is thus quite strongly placed by Fitness.

He is not angular in a quadrant system and has no phase changes with the Sun but he is in his own Trigon (Mars is a Triplicity Ruler for Water)

He is in a succedent House relative to Fortune but is separated from the Moon and in a bi-coporeal Sign (Pisces) which does not promise a lot for completion.

Mars has an opposition to Jupiter (already covered) and a conjunction by sign with Venus. This is seen as a positive relationship, though the two are quite far apart.


Venus is in her own exaltation of Pisces and angular in the fourth. She is also rising and direct, so in terms of 'Fitness' she is stronger than Saturn.

Venus is in her own Trigon, being one of the Triplicity Lords of the Ascendant but does not make any phase changes with the Sun, around your date of birth. She is in the succedent house to the Lot of Fortune but is separated from the Moon and being in also being in a bi-coropreal sign her contribution to completion is low. As Energy and Completion are not matters we shall look at in later stages, her condition can be said to be good.

She has a conjunction by sign with Mars, and also an opposition to Jupiter, both of which have been considered.


The Sun is the out of Sect Light. The Sun is placed in Aries, in the fifth Place from the Ascendant. Aries is the sign of the Sun's Exaltation, so in terms of Fitness, he is in a Succedent House and in his own place.

He is angular in a quadrant system and in his own Trigon (The Sun is a Triplicity Ruler for the Fire Signs) The Sun is in a cadent house from Fortune, but has a separating aspect from the Moon (still in force) and is in a Cardinal Sign. As I'm principally concerned with its Fitness score. The Sun scores highly too.

The Sun's aspects are sextiles to Moon and Saturn, both of which have been covered.

There are three strong planets in your chart, Saturn by Sign and Venus and Sun by exaltation. of these Venus is angular in a Whole Sign chart whereas the Sun is angular in a quadrant system, such as Placidus, or the Hellenistic systems of Porphyry and Alcabitus. So those two are likely to be your principal sources of strength but the Saturn/Moon?Fortune trio are also likely to be important. It's something of a pity that one or other of these in not your Ascendant Ruler, though Venus does aspect it (Jupiter) if only by opposition.

Can you also give me a topic area for the Stage 3 reading, as Stage 2 is not far away.
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