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Gay and Atlantis

The Gay Tarot is about a beautiful myth...

The reason to not buy the Gay Tarot is that it is a myth that you can have the attention and advice of all the nice, brotherly souls with handsome and fashionable's a myth if you DON'T live in New York and have the Fab Five giving you credit cards and cleaning out your bathroom and kitchen...(the television show is about five gorgeous men advising you about fashion, food, ideas, dancing, and being your personal shopper to suit your lifestyle)...

The Atlantis is about another beautiful myth and it is unfortunately I'll try to dissuade may be distracting and odd....

And I adore the funnyness...Chalices are all about men and women of all sizes and shapes interacting in a sensual way-- the art is inspired by the Bacchus-related vases and frescos more like the Herculaneum and Pompeii, not than the Greek Palace at Knossis. What I mean is people and shows and books seem to imply areas of Pompeii and Herculeaneum was a sailor port and when the ships came in, zowie, the parties were wilder than in modern times. There are substantial varieties in human form and the implication is this is among equals.

I kind of lean toward liking the Knossis inspiration of the Etruscan Tarot where the art celebrated animals, nature, growth and maturity in an art style more reminiscent of ancient times...but the surprises in the Atlantis is because it is about a mythical allegory, it works for me.

Wands and Pentacles are more about family and relational daily riches and interactions and Swords are about battles and is a very balanced tarot and surprisingly rich in mythic allegory---I had to get a used book that addresses some of the unfamiliar elements raised in the LWB of the Atlantis Medeterranean myth. You may not like the strong fantasy element that is unexplained.

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