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Originally Posted by lark View Post
Besides what you said above Sulis this card to me is about stillness.
Often when I come upon a bird's body laying in the grass I stop to really look at it, examine it closely.
Because it is the only time I can do that when it is perfectly still.
And not only can you see the outside, but often the inside as well.
I think we do this when people we love die....there is a stillness, an examining of their life and the role we had in it.
Death causes us to stop....the world around us to slow down, to bring us into the present causes an acute awareness of life.
And what life means...a glimps of it's precious spark...that is so irretrievable when once gone.

This card has a sobering meaning for me.
As I was waiting for the results of a sonagram on my new to be grandbaby...I pulled this card.
And at 8 weeks there was no heart beat.
So for all we say about Death meaning transformation etc. sometimes death means death plain and simple, no getting away from it.
(((((((((( Lark )))))))))
So sorry for your loss but yes, Death sometimes means death, no transformation, no rebirth, no renewal, just death and there is no getting away from it.
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