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I drew this card for a spread I did in a reading circle, and had some very interesting thoughts about it.

For one, the air/earth element of this Prince has got the notion in my head of a traveling apprentice to the Pope/Hierophant card. The reason I think of this is because the Hierophant connects the Above with the Below - such is the implications of the earth/air element of this card. This Knight is able to take ideas from the air and apply them to worldly endeavors, and most often is in service to some larger group (at least in this stream of thought )

Here is the other tidbit of information that I wrote up on this card:

I find it REALLY interesting that the butterfly/moth in this card is located at the back of the skull. This is the location of the hypothalmus/pituitary glands that secrete hormones. It is also hypothesized that the mammalian brain rests on top of the remnants of the ancient reptilian brain, which is the root of our instictual "body". With the Moon again rising in this card (our instinctive/intuitive mind), and behind the head of the Prince, I can't help but think that you need to trust your instincts

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