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The Wild Unknown Tarot - V Swords

This is probably one of those images that most people just don't like but I think it conveys the message of this card really well.

There's no colour here apart from a tiny bit in the border. The main image shows an earth-worm cut in 2. 5 swords lay scattered beneath it and the sword which appears to have done the cutting lies horizontally between the 2 halves of the worm.

So Swords are Air; they're about communication, thought and problems. They are tools as well as weapons, depending on how they are used.
Fives are about the self, also about problems that usually have an opportunity to learn a lesson to facilitate growth (related to The Hierophant V).

Looking at this image with the communication aspect of the suit of Swords in mind I get 'disconnect'... There is a huge communication failure, maybe to do with arguments (the image is a violent one), maybe just because the 2 people involved aren't connected or coming together.
Where thoughts are concerned I'm getting a similar message - there is a disconnect... It's difficult to come to a conclusion or a decision because something isn't gelling or connecting.
Because of the violence of the image and the severing of the earth-worm, I'm thinking this card could also be about one person defeating another or self defeat - being your own worst enemy.

I pulled this card in a reading yesterday and it had a more solid interpretation. It definitely showed disconnect and things not going well but the main message that I got was that my expectations were different and far removed from what I could actually achieve. There was / is a disconnect.

As a card of advice, this card says to me that the querant should put their own interests first but be aware of the damage that it's possible to do with that way of thinking so to be aware of the other person.. It's not always about winning and often the way that we win something or get our own way is hurtful to someone else or to ourselves.
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