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Wink Arrgh- I hate Geminis

- But I like your answer and so I don't think, there's any reason to apologize! - But there's a whole lot to think about...

I especially enjoyed the expression "nymph-chasnig"- made me laugh! And as most male human beings are proud on their sex-drive, I don't think you have to apologize for sexism either

Anyway, I can still see much more hedonism in, for example, the Nine of Cups, than in the devil. But that's probably because of my decks and because it was never suggested to me in readings. And because I was so afraid of evil and especially the devil as a child- I'm still carrying that around, I'm afraid. Anyway, I'll keep my eyes open for that aspect.

Something else jumped at me, when you compared Devil and Lovers: the elements of design they have in common- and with The Moon, too. In the Moon, there are the dog and the wolf- the tame and the wild animal, men's friend and foe- and in some way, again the female and male principle. This time, they are "blessed" by neither angel nor devil, but by the moon- and it's some strange blessing that makes them howl with a foreign longing... For what? Clarity? Wholeness? Or again: sex *g*

I think the association of gay sexuality with hedonism dates from m/m-sex being considered as decadently redundant, not aiming to reproduction. And because it traces back to the Romans and Greeks in their prime time- when they are connected to decadence in our minds, too. I'd be interested in your views, Elentir, but I'm not sure if we shouldn't pm on this, maybe it leads a little too far off topic!? I don't know.

I loved the association you made, whether by chance or not, between "cast out of the ivory tower" and the Tarot Tower. I never made it either, but it says something to me I cannot yet discern.
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