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Why haven't you written this PhD!? Sounds much more interesting than anything I could have done. With such a topic I might even have started But I wonder that your father approved of it. Or he is REALLY some kind of lost twin of my dad- "It doesn't matter what you write about- BUT DO IT, PLEASE!" *lol*

I read a lot of what you posted in a "special" history book recently- but I didn't actively remember. A little revision didn't harm.

I always understood wanting sex the whole day as very manly, though Is it not part of the stereotype that men think about sex every three minutes? As long as they don't think of sex with other men that's as manly as football, isn't it?

Maybe I can determine a difference between the sexuality of devil and moon after you post... Maybe the moon's sexuality is a more passiv one, an attitude of letting it happen, when it is coming over you (from the outside or from within) and letting go when it is not. While the devil stands for some kind of obsession by it. Or for violence masked as sexuality. For something you don't really feel comfortable with.

That makes me realize something about my relationship to the moon: I never felt well about it being connected with madness. It's just a madness other people see, I think. Of course it can mean following illusions you would not fall for in the bright light of day. But it really releases things from WITHIN. You may seem crazy to other people- but just because you follow your inner voice. Whoever is talking there
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