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I think your thoughts on the Moon and sexuality are very appropriate. I always associate the Moon with dreams and the unconscious, both of which imply passivity because the conscious mind is no longer exerting control-- it has "let go" for a while. Likewise with the association of the Moon with intuition and "feeling" your way (which I guess the guys in the Gay Tarot Moon card are pretty much doing... ) Also, I think the Moon suggests more secretive, private, and intimate moments that take place in dark, quiet places; the corresponding Sun card, for instance, might more likely have the two of them at the beach! And as far as the Devil is concerned, I think any form of sexuality that is self-destructive or harmful would fall under his domain.

It's true, my dad didn't really care much for my dissertation topic; in fact, I don't think he really knew what my dissertation topic was (he was still trying to get over my being in the humanities rather then math and science).

As for the "sex vs. football" question, I had thought the exact same thing. But the social "rules" of masculinity suggest that a man should not choose sexual pleasure over his buddies, and the ability to restrain oneself or abstain from sexual pleasure would of course be considered a "manly" thing to do since it requires a "manly man's" strength and will power. Speaking in the most extreme sense, of course, sexual pleasure is seen as nothing more than a commodity or a luxury, totally subordinated to male group loyalty. And likewise because the sexual activity would (typically, at least!) take place without the rest of the group present... therefore it can't be that important, can it? To this day, obsession with pleasure is associated with the feminine. I also think of various films and whatnot where a guy meets a girl and then his best friend is all jealous, although the friend would not, of course, think of it in homoerotic terms. It's all definitely very ironic.
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