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Welcome, Chris :)

It's nice to have fresh blood here - without wanting to say I haven't enjoyed the other's company so far.

Have you seen there is already another thread on the Two of Cups? Of course you can start threads on cards you want to discuss, too. If there are ten threads and 100 posts, we could get our own forum, if there is still enough interest in it to justify this. But I think there will be

@Elentir: you brought up a funny thing: jealousy of friends towards a partner. I always disliked people completely lost in a couple, when you cand only say "JohnandBill" or "ShirleyandRhonda" or, to be pc, "KevinandSamantha" and there are no distinct individuals any more, instead of ganining a new friend in the friends spouse you lose him/her because they seem to share ONE character instead of each owning their own. *shudder* THAT is betraying loyalty.

Gay sex is probably even worse cause the friends of a man don't want to hear anything about his adventures- other than a heterosexual experience that might be discussed and thus shared by the peer group... So it somehow always falls under the classical Devil- secluding you from the others!?

When you mentioned a film where a friend gets jealous, I was at once thinking of Chasing Amy. Did you think of that, too?

Now I'm completely at a loss which card I should post next. Your post suggests both- The Sun as well as the Five of Wands and Lee's post suggests Fool and Judgement ...
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