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Welcome to the 78th Fool! By all means, jump right in!

The film I was thinking about was one I actually just watched the other day "Forgive and Forget." I can't recommend it, unfortunately, although the acting was excellent. The plot was slow, which I usually don't mind, but the last scene of the film made me want to smash my television. So watch at your own risk. Interestingly, in this film the roles are a little switched: a closeted gay man has a hetero best friend (or mate, as they say in England!); the het friend moves in with his girlfriend, and the gay man starts looking for ways to sabotage it (although it remains mostly unconscious; he's not a malicious schemer).

Your comments on the Devil and a couple secluding themselves from others would be apt, I think, from the perspective of "obsession;" although I guess I usually think of the Devil as far more sinister and dangerous.

Why don't you go ahead and post Judgment, since Lee has mentioned it already. And/or the Fool?
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