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there is so much I could say about the deck, it really could use a book, but I am not sure that I have the strength of the skills to write it. I realise this sounds like a cop out, but I do really need to paint and read Tarot, not write, I wrote a terrible novel a couple of years ago and it damned nearly killed me.
I know what you mean. I'm awesome about talking about and/or selling anything but my own stuff. I once sold a broken Halloween cookie in November; I can write pages and pages on someone else's work. When it comes to my own stuff, it's all, "So, it's a painting, and, um, . . . there's a person, and, um, . . . colors, . . . and it's cool and stuff." I'm terrible about translating my confidence and vision in my work into words. Writing's so much easier when it's not gut-wrenchingly personal.

It would actually make a really interesting companion book if you used quotes from readers that you felt particularly encapsulated what you meant to express in your paintings/cards. Say, open a thread here and ask for input, and harass all your friends, and so on. It'd really emphasize the universality of the messages, and it'd be fun.

Originally Posted by wooden-eye View Post
At the moment I just wish the flaming post would hurry up and deliver more Bonefires around the world, It seems to be taking so long that I feel like I have posted them all wrong or something and they will never turn up.
I'll make sure to post or PM you as soon as I get mine, to ease your mind.
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