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Thumbs up It's here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

...(((gasp)))...Nothing i can attempt to utter, will do this magnificent deck justice...

Each vibrant painting is a Masterpiece...

i am completely and totally awestruck by it's Celestial Magick...

As i gaze at each glorious heart pounds harder and my eyes are flooding tears...

This incredible Deck is PURE POETRY! The Paintings are so vivid and alive...!

i feel very grateful and privileged...

Thank You so much, Gabi, for sharing your vision with the world!

i admit i am still sitting here with my mouth agape...totally and joyfully gobsmacked!

When i am able to, i definitely am going to need to purchase a backup of this incredible treasure...

Hugs and Blessings,
MoonGypsy xox

P.S. Lest i forget, due to my reverie --The printing and matte cardstock are silky and beyond compare! The lovely pouch fits like a glove; and i so appreciate all the extra special touches--like the hand painted heart and twine closure. And the handwritten lwb is the cherry on top of this delectable and sumptuous creative Parfait of Delight!
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