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Hi lovely people.
I am just about managing to read the posts people have made about Bonefire. I have grinned an cheered so much. I am travelling right now as some of you may have read and unfortunately my 3g connection is getting ever worse. I reckon about 90% of my attempts to load pages lead to failure. The timing of this is clearly very bad as i am presenting like a flake. If you are wanting me or a deck and are finding i am non responsive. This is because i cannot communicate. Not i will not.
The Nortern parts of Aus struggle for mobile internet connection.It is rather like the dial up of 12 years ago where you could make a cup of tea while apage loaded and you got chucked off when you were trying to win an ebay auction.
That said i am in sizable town for 48 hours and am catching up.
On another subject VGimlet. The bonefire decks were compiled at my sister Sam`s house as we had already left home. My girls 8 and10 helped and her boys 8 & 11 helped long into a frosty evening. Her dog Brandy a brown Irish terrier steadfastly sat under the table just in the way as we worked methodically and would not be shoed for more than afew moments. So yes children and animals got near the decks. Withregards to the felt pouches. I guess it is me the cat might notice as each takes awhile to.make and i have quite abit of contact with- or perhaps the smell is Australia as tha decks have now travelled more than 1200 miles with us
Thank you for the things you have said about Bonefire. I may have to go silent now and again here on aeclectic. But nothing is silent in my head right now. i wish you all and your bonefires well.
I am on my phone so punctuation has desserted. I said along time ago that i hoped that bonefire would work as a tarot deck and that i would be able to read with it. I can. ....i do not expect another tarot to change the world or any one elses world. But this one has changed mine. I have a sence of accomplishment which i am wary of and know will turn on the wheel. But one which i have not felt for many years. .......Gabi
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