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Thank you for your interest in the deck.

I have been a digital artist for about five years. What I found myself doing more and more as I progressed with my art was to create images that looked as if they came out of a dreamscape, those memories you have of dreams that you try so hard to remember upon awakening, but somehow cannot.

My art slowly became popular, and people told me that they would look at the images and experience a sense of peace and serenity from them. I would get emails telling me things like they had suffered a sad loss or were chemically depressed and that looking at my art, the vibrant colors, was uplifting for them, somehow. If one or two people told me this, I probably wouldn't have paid much attention. But practically everyone who viewed the art told me it made them feel happy, somehow, inside.

I also noticed my own transformation when working with the color, how it uplifted me and took me to other worlds. The different colors seemed to affect me differently, but all in a positive way. Since I have always been fascinated with the possibility of healing with color, it seemed to be a natural segue to take these images and use them to help people in some way that I had yet to think of. How, I wasn't sure, until I dreamed about tarot cards. So I decided to make them into tarot cards. Since I have read tarot cards (the good ol' Rider Waite) since I was in my teens, this was a project I knew I'd feel comfortable with. I was no stranger to tarot.

But what of the meanings behind the images? How would I manage that? Perhaps a psychic or channel could assist me. Just as I had decided to have someone do the meanings for me, I started to have astral projections for the first time in years. Astral travel scares me silly, and even though I have done it many times I still can't seem to get past the fear factor. Since thought is reality in that realm, I worry that I cannot control my mind enough to stay in a safe place, if that makes any sense.

My husband and I then went to Lily Dale, NY for a few days. For those of you who never heard of Lily Dale, it's the country's oldest psychic community, and the birthplace of modern-day spiritualism. I feel the trip must have affected me on a deep level, for when I returned home, I spent every night trying to fight off astral projection. A few times I felt as if someone was gently (but firmly) trying to yank me out of my body. Finally, when exhaustion took over and I couldn't fight back any more, words in a book or pamphlet were "shown" to me. They were out of focus. As soon as I thought about my frustration that I couldn't read the words, the letters and words flew off the pages to fly in front of my face. I still could only make out a word or two.

One night I left my body again, and I sensed some people with me. I only saw twinkles of light, and some things that looked like lit up bubbles or balls. I heard in my mind that I was to write these meanings myself, that not only was I supposed to do it, but that it was an important spiritual exercise for me. I was also told that these cards would help people and have healing properties. I was basically scolded and told to get to work, but gently.

I blew it off. Until my husband begged me to at least give it a try. I felt it was a waste of time. "I'm not a channel," I told him. But to mollify him, I tried to channel each card. After a few awkward, painful starts, the words came. And they didn't stop until I was finished. I am still amazed by the whole process.

What I have always felt were special about these images for tarot use, and professional psychic/channel acquaintances have concurred, is that they are not bogged down with symbolism and icons--unlike most, if not all, tarot decks. So the message therein is not buried in clutter, and it makes it easier for the meaning to come through to the reader. That's why they also an intuitive, meditative healing deck as well as a life guidance deck.

There is a lot more to tell, but I will not bore you. If anybody wants more information, please go to the site url I listed above and email me or message me privately here.

Thanks again for your interest.

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