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I think I'd like to work with such a group. I do have some problems with the deck -- to begin with I seriously DO NOT LIKE the graphics. The models lack the body language to suggest the concepts of whatever concept they're demonstarting. For instance, the lady in the black leather (can't find the book just now to look her up) holding a sword -- strength?-- just stands there in quite a peaceful pose. Shouldn't she be brandishing it, or flourishing it in some way to suggest the concept?

I find most of the other illustrations just as lack-luster. To me the models lack sparkle and oomph.

On the other hand, as I'm not an intuitive reader -- haven't a psychic gene anywhere -- I use all the LWB's I can find to help me interpret what the cards are saying to me.

I find the Sacred Circle to be a complex deck, giving off unusual energies. I've been kind of experimenting with it of late to see if there is some specific area of my life they deal with....i.e. psychological, behavioural, etc. Haven't come to any conclusions but it's an interesting trip. One that might be illuminated by the insights of others, especially the intuitives.

So Okay. Count me in.
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