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Red Emma: The odd mix of attire that resemble the modern apparel in combination with the pastoral surroundings do tend to create a jarring note in the card referred to, that of 8-The Warrior. Usually known as 8-Strength. (I tend to confuse it with the traditional 7-The Chariot as I know it as The Warrior Card.)

The graphics (I think a blend of photo montage & computer generated images) what they are for ye, perhaps picking out a detail that catches the eye &/or attempting a dialogue with the figure on the card could be a beginning.

I do not see the pose of the figure here to be necessarily peaceful. Her stance, countenance & position of sword arm respectively suggest watchfulness, alertness & a readiness to spring into action if need be. Also an attempt to sense what may be present whilst surveying the environment.

Btw: I do not see ye as non-psychic as much as influenced more by the logic. That ye perceive the deck to be of "unusual energies" is an indication of intuition.
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