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Being a Celtic mytho-historical nut, I think I can clarify some stuff about this card. I would like to say, up-front, that this information is given here in hopes of deepening our understanding of the culture this deck is representing. It’s not my personal take on the cards, just (hopefully) useful contextual information. Do feel free to tell me to shut-up and stop being pedantic!!

The woman warrior pictured is Scathach, who is most well known for her training of Cuchulain and other Irish Heroes. She had an Island where her training camp was, off the cost of Britain and believed to be Skye. She as the Top Trainer of her day, and it was terrifically hard to get into her camp to be trained, it having a “perilous bridge” that “no man can cross till he has proved himself a champion.”

What Warrior Women Did:
Usually they did not kill
Usually but not always they were present at battles
They fought in battles using magical/psychological /Strategic means as much or more than physical weapons
They trained warriors, male and female
They were fierce strong and formidable
And, most importantly, to my mind--They did not accept the status quo, they made things happen.

Of Scathach herself it was said that "she had faced death so many times that she had forgotten how to be frightened”. Fear of death was not encouraged anyway, in Celtic society because of the belief that the Celtic people lived many lives; so leaving the current physical body wasn’t as final as we modern western people think of it.
The Romans, Caesar and Co., certainly found the Celtic warriors -male and female-fierce, formidable and without fear.

The Celtic understanding of the word “Battle” was broader than ours.It Included the process of settling disagreement in other ways than fighting. Stuff we would call diplomacy was a type of battle to them, engaged in mainly by Bards. Board games could be used in lieu of physical battle. Single combat instead of full-tilt wars were most often used to settle disagreements.

The plant is Borage, used seeped in wine as a drink for courage, it significantly raises the blood-adrenaline level !

Miranda Gray in her Oracle deck “Beasts of Albion” says of the Badger, “The Brock is an extremely powerful creature who will use its massive strength to remove any obstacles from its established paths. It can also fight ferociously when cornered,” “possessed of enormous courage and power when angered or driven to extreme measures.”
She also says in the list of characteristics: “home-loving, reliable, determined, tenacious, predictable, powerful when threatened, single-minded.” She also speaks of the badgers living in extended family groups, like clans, and as a creature of “almost unbreakable habit”.

I hope you all found this interesting and usefull, not tedious and boring.

* Quotes, unless otherwise credited, are from Maya Sutton, who teaches this stuff at U of New Mexico, and has written several books on it.
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