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Thumbs up questions are good!

There are a lot of questions about this card that we havent hardly touched on at all.

What does she say to you, what do you think her life is like, how does she express strength to you, since she is so different from the traditional strength?

Come to that, does she express strength to you, at all?

Why does she have her sword up?

Do you think she relates to todays women warriors, or the ongoing multi-cultural tradition of Spiritual warriors?
She looks a bit worn, yet ready for more action.

the landscape behind her.
The hill, perhaps of trials already overcome.
The green pastures, perhaps and enjoyment of trails won, and a bit of rest...
The land on which she stands, seems to be almost the same as the land below the mountain, before the green pastures.
She stands ready to fight again.
As though, she's done alot of fighting, and is ready to take on what stands ahead of her. Going the extra mile...

Yes, she does express strenght to me, a strenght of battles overcome, and the strength to keep going.

As far as the badger.
From the film I've seen of them, their pretty ferious & bold.
They are pretty courageous for such a small animal, and will fight to the death if cornered to do so.

They are excellent digger's being able to get beneth the surface.
And they keep their den's very tidy. Changing their bedding often, and they back into their den's while doing this so not to make a mess.

So, here we have a creature who's bold, courageous, and tidy.
A ferocious fighter, and protector.

The going beneath the suface could relate to the underworld and it's mysteries.

Borage, besides courage, it promotes happiness and joy.
And is an expectorant, (a getting rid of something nasty)
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