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I received my Bonefire a few weeks ago, actually it only took one week after my last post here. Much faster than I expected.

Sorry I have not posted anything until now, I have been trying to get my thoughts in order about how seriously cool this deck is, and in general I am terrible at giving coherent reviews. ;D I tend to be all over the place in my gushing and oohing/ahhing.

First, the cardstock and finish, I love both. The matte/satin finish is exactly to my liking. I also love the size of this deck, it is very similar to the Noblet, though the Bonefire is a touch wider. The dark borders actually give this deck a bit of that borderless feeling, because the dark blue blends into the rest of the background.

Now for my own probably weird take on the imagery; my number one favorite thing about these images are the hands in certain cards. I adore how some of the characters have strangely long hands/fingers, and how the wrinkles on the joints are so pronounced (Temperance, Justice, Queen of Cups, Hermit and Strength all share this quality). I also love the perspective given to how the hands seem to be coming at you from the cards...Why this tickles me so much I really can't articulate, it's just something I cannot put my finger on .

The colors are so deep and vivid, and just overall, the blue, violet, pink, and orange that seem to flow throughout the deck give an impression of a gorgeous sunset over the ocean. It's soothing on that level as well as giving the whole deck a cohesive vibe.

I have been doing many readings with it, trying to get acquainted but I am still at the stage of getting utterly lost in the strange, colorful world that Gabi has created. Lost in a good way, but since the deck is still so new to me, it can be distracting when I get certain cards in a reading.....for example, the 4 swords, which is my absolute favorite card, I feel almost in a hypnotic trance when I gaze at that lady in the tub full of bubbles. Or any of the hand-centric cards that I mentioned above, especially that Justice card, love her sword too, btw. Oh, and how Temperance is pouring red wine (or a Bloody Mary?) into a glass with ice cubes...anyone else think Temperance resembles Eartha Kitt? (sorry for such an old reference, she was the original CatWoman on the Batman TV show from the 60's).

I am still even today only just noticing certain details in different cards, like the fetus in a womb that is within the tree on the Empress card. How did I not notice that until now??

I have been looking for a deck that would suit the "audience" I have here (northern California) and when I got the Bonefire, I knew I had found that deck, finally. I have not read for anyone using it yet, but I am positive that all of the hippy type folks I know and rub shoulders with will be totally blown away by this deck. I have never thought about this until I got the Bonefire, but reading under a blacklight with this deck would be the coolest, trippiest reading experience I could ever imagine.

Thank you, Gabi, I love this deck.

PS Gabi, when I first gazed at the 8 Pents, I got the impression that this was a self portrait....perhaps even you creating this gorgeous deck ?
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