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Just stopping by to say thank you so much for such positive feedback for Bonefire. It really feels as if the deck has found a life of its own. I have really been struck by how differently it has introduced itsself to its new owners. Often behaving quite unlike the Bonefire I used to know.
It is quite thrilling for me to behold.
I am still diving with the idea of writing much more extensively on the deck, though not sure what format as anyone who has the deck will know, the written form is not my gift. But having read here such incited into the deck, many so removed from my intentions , I don't wish to be contradictory and consequently influence Bonefire's own voice.
I hope this is not seen as a cop out.
Has any one found that purchasing a book perhaps at a later date than the book has been a negative in their enjoyment or bond with their deck. Perhaps proving it to not be the personality they had thought they had known?
I was reading yesterday, a French bloggers interview with her Bonefire and the deck appeared quite flirtatious.....Bonefire never flirted with me. It got me thinking.
Always dangerous.
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