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i looked thru my deck trying to settle on a favorite card. i haven't looked at the cards for a couple of weeks. it seems like a different deck. my initial discomfort is settling down and i can see the true beauty of this deck. in fact it's really hard to settle down on only one card. right now i have it down to these 5.
9 of pentacles-i love how relaxed the woman looks while she strokes her cat and looks at her garden. i want to be that woman!
sybyl of swords-i'm guessing this is an incan. anyhow, i love the colors and the birds. the man's calm confidence and wisdom is also a nice change from traditional swords court cards.
temperance-i love the colors of the angels wings and the strength of the alchemy symbols. it's probably the most powerful temperance card i've ever seen. i'm generally don't pay that much attention to temp but this one knocks my socks off!
death-usually the death card is unappealing but i love the symbollism and symbol of the phoenix rising above the funeral bier. it doesn't feel threatening b/c it matches the interpretations of rebirth and transformation. the varying reactions of the ppl beneath it are also interesting.
the hanged man-i like the colors amd the fact he really seems to be entering his subconscious. he seems to be content and not suffering. it's like a master performing an act of meditation.

maybe i'll try to narrow this down. maybe i won't. LOL if i'm forced, i'll say temperance b/c of the intensity of the card. but i still want to be as content as the woman and cat in the 9 of pentacles. okay, maybe the cat is the deciding factor here. anyone else?
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