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Tyldwick - Five of Staves

In the "fives" of all the suits is the challenge of being human. In the Staves, it represents a clash of how to get things done. This image includes a shield and five javelins, which might seem dire until you notice the painting on the shield. It shows Greek wrestlers participating as athletes in the ancient Olympic games. Javelin throwing was also part of the games - whoever hurled it further (as long as it landed tip-first) was the winner. The object of these games was not to kill and destroy your opponent, but to best him athletically. In the same way, this card indicates we must prove ourselves by offering the best option or argument for getting something done. The Greek Olympians chose to wear no clothes as they competed; this facet suggests that we should not be motivated by a hidden agenda if we hope to succeed.
ETA: I forgot to mention the chair with its stack of books. It brings to mind the argument over knowledge vs. experience. Would you rather have a surgeon just out of med school who knows all the latest procedures but who's never done a surgery on his own, or an older doctor whose done thousands of surgeries but may not be up on all the latest techniques?
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