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Originally Posted by Starshower View Post

The only thing I can possibly dream up to add is that the glasses don't look transparent, like crystal ones would. They are opaque goblets, only showing the top surface of their contents ... just as, at the beginning of a relationship / partnership / friendship, we can't yet see all of the emotions etc involved. Not even our own!

I love how the rose stems are in front of / behind the 2 glasses ... in similar, but complementary poses.
Wow Starshower, thanks for this.. I like the way you've linked the glasses only showing the top surface of their contents with relationship beginnings.. That's how I see the 2 too .. It comes straight after the Ace so it's the pause when we decide what to do with that energy (linked numerically to The High Priestess, Judgement and Strength), the relationship, if that's what it's to become is in it's very early stages..

Nice - thanks .
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