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He seems above it all!

This Heirophant is to me, totally unapproachable, appears compassionless, not able to be touched by emotion, natural empathy, let alone unconditional love. I do not feel the love of God flowing from him. He is all gray and unfeeling. He stands quite tall and full of himself and pompous in this splendid room and I am reminded of a scripture in the Bible, that talks of the Pharisees wanting to sit in the finest/best seats and how they love to be "seen" of men, you know, admired for who they are.

He appears to me to be too "by the book." He is certain knowledge without understanding -- so where is the wisdom in that? The woman is wasting her time, imploring him. He is old and stuck and now, perhaps, even jaded. He has seen and heard too much and has not evolved with the times. He is impatient and weary of those who "do not get it right," and he feels it is their own fault. His face does not give way to compassion, I am surprised he looks at her at all. His body language suggests that he does not want her to even touch him; it's as though he thinks she has the plague. Is he better than her? I don't think he would say that, he just has no "idea" what it's like to be her. How did she even get "an audience" with him? Who let her in? That person will certainly suffer his rebuke. He simply cannot relate. He is the "law" with no room for "grace." He is too sheltered and could benefit by getting out into the real world. Where is the life in him and an indication that his heart pumps with blood?

Speaking of world, people/institutions/bureaucracies like this are everywhere, I suppose.

Why does this woman go to him with her need? Perhaps, she is conditioned to believe he WILL HELP her. She may be desperate and doesn't know where else to turn and others have steered her in his direction. I think she is in for a rude awakening. She may find that like Dorothy running to the Wizard, she will have to look inside for answers, pray to her God and don't look to this man. Or pick up that book and start reading it for herself, obtaining personal knowledge not based simply on what she has been told.

I do not usually have problems with the Hierophant card, it is not a card I generally dislike, but, I do not trust or care for this guy.

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