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This might be a minor thing, but you were saying that all the sixes of the Minor Arcana are good:

The Tarot Sixes are all good cards, showing the element in its best form. The Six of Disks shows a man holding scales and giving charity: he isn't holding the scales because he is stingy, but because no matter how much he gives away, he will always have enough. The Six of Wands shows a man on horseback in a victory procession; force and power applied just right in order to win.
Assuming RWS deck, I can see what you mean here, and the Cups card too is great, which doesn't need explanation. However, what about the Swords card? In RWS the VI of Swords is a rather depressing card IMO, and while it can be said that all the Sword cards are depressing/somewhat displeasing in RWS, I'd say for example the IV of Swords is one which is less negative. The VI of Swords card shows a hooded woman and kid seemingly feeling the blues, and while it's true that they are headed away from the restive water to a place presumably of tranquility, they're not there yet and must "endure". At least that's how I see it. Can you enlighten me as to why this is such a good card? In the Thoth deck, I find it more true since it's Science which, I suppose, is intellect at its best, but as for the RWS card, I can't say it seems to me to be so good.

Once again, excellent article, thanks for writing it!
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