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The Six is still relatively good for a sword card, because it is not particularly bad. (It was probably inspired by an image of Charon ferrying souls over the river Styx to Hades.) In the Four, the guy could be a corpse. The Two may be the 'nicest' Sword card, indicating a temporary peace or truce. The decan of the 6 is Mercury in Aquarius. The image works nicely if Charon is conflated with Mercury as psychopomp, but I've gone into this elsewhere.

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This might be a minor thing, but you were saying that all the sixes of the Minor Arcana are good:

Assuming RWS deck, I can see what you mean here, and the Cups card too is great, which doesn't need explanation. However, what about the Swords card? In RWS the VI of Swords is a rather depressing card IMO, and while it can be said that all the Sword cards are depressing/somewhat displeasing in RWS, I'd say for example the IV of Swords is one which is less negative. The VI of Swords card shows a hooded woman and kid seemingly feeling the blues, and while it's true that they are headed away from the restive water to a place presumably of tranquility, they're not there yet and must "endure". At least that's how I see it. Can you enlighten me as to why this is such a good card? In the Thoth deck, I find it more true since it's Science which, I suppose, is intellect at its best, but as for the RWS card, I can't say it seems to me to be so good.

Once again, excellent article, thanks for writing it!
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