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Originally Posted by builder View Post
All right, I get your point, I think. What's the reason so many Sword cards are so negative, anyway?.......
Swords are mental. They essentially represent non physical activity in a physical world. There is an incompatibility of some sort. For example, wild animals manage to do pretty well on their own without the capacity for human-type rational thought. When human ideas impact their environment, things tend to go wrong because the balance of nature is still not fully understood. It seems almost impossible to force thought to be in complete harmony and conformity with the physical world. Maybe this is part of what is called 'the fall of man' in the Abrahamic religions.

Anyhow, I personally think that the Return Path of the Western Esoteric Tradition is a way for the individual to overcome the incompatibility. True 'self' realization will alter one's perspective and provide an enhanced awareness of what is really going on.

The fact that the Swords seem to go from bad to worse as they progress through the numbers 2 through 10 has to do with their positions on the Tree of Life, and closrapexa may explain about that when and if he wants.

By the way, the author of Liber Θ is of the opinion that the Courts are the most complicated of all the cards. Closrapexa will figure out a way to make it seem simple.
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