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Five of Wands

Five ravens, five wands, six spirits…..hmmmmm. The back ground looks as if it is a fog that is lit from behind with a blue tinted light, but the root like tendrils that seep in from above very much gives it a dream like quality. Spectral beings rise from the inky depths, the same tendril effect ties them to the blackness pooled below. Each of the five wands is held by a spectral creature; each presenting a unique challenge. There is a sixth specter that hold no staff. The central figure is cowled and seems to be the most formidable of the lot. There are three of them whose limbs resemble those of a tree; the ravens perch themselves there. One is on the far left wand, and they are calling out.

I feel as if I am in another world in this card. Not quite a dream and not quite reality. I was walking though the woods, trying to gather my thoughts when I happened across this grizzled old tree. I have seen it here before, but for some reason this time it called out to me, beckoned me to draw near. As I approached the ground seemed to open up and try to swallow me. I reached out and grabbed the edge of the hole and held on but the roots came up, wrapped my legs and pulled. The strain in my arms became almost painful, then a branch from the old tree reached down and shoved the top of my head. I tumbled a little ways and came to a stop. Covered in dirt and old dead leaves, I stood up in a rather large cave like room. Spitting the earth from my mouth and dusting the dirt and leaves from my clothes and hair, something caught my attention. An unnatural glow, starting off as though a firefly, grew and cast a bluish light all around. The floor of the cave did not acknowledge the presence of this glow, and remained an inky dark pool. Shapes began to rise from the darkness, they materialized dancing macabre. Each held a staff in their hand and all was eerie and quiet, then the ravens arrived. Calling out, like spectators at a fight, the din of their noise grew to level far greater than should have been. I looked around for something to defend myself with, but all that was there was the dirt, leaves and a few sticks. Finding nothing, I looked back at the spectral scene. The spirits parted and a black robed figure walked in as if from a tunnel. The dark cowled form reached out and took the staff from one of the other ghosts, and stood in center of the gathering. I futilely glanced around one last time for some sort of weapon…….
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