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Originally Posted by healing happiness View Post
hi everyone, i was wondering if somebody would be so kind as to help me. my Archangel Michael oracle cards have just arrived. im itching to start playing around with them but, this is my very 1st set of oracle cards i have ever owned. before i start messing around with them. do i need to cleanse them? or anything 1st. i feel so stupid asking this. kind regards.
I like to cleanse mine by setting them out on my patio table during the full moon. Since the full moon phase lasts more than just one night I usually let them sit for at least two. I have a covered lanai so they are protected from the elements. But the others are right, there's no wrong way to cleanse. Some meditate and visualize white light around their cards etc. Which ever way works the best with your energy is the best since you want the cards to pick up your energy when you read.
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