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Both halves of the earthworm appear to have a clitellum/saddle so although this looks like one earthworm cut into two halves I’m looking at it as if both parties lost their heads (pun for been the aggressor)… Looking at this card the separation was not clean cut but as torn both parties apart, the segment lines along the earthworm are also jagged implying danger and destruction. The bottom half rests over two crossed swords both with different hilts and with blades indicating different points in the argument/disagreement/jealousy etc as one blade is curved I’m wondering if this side as bent the truth… this half has not been able to let the argument go. Were as the top half rests on two almost parallel swords pointing downwards one smaller than the other, the tip of the earthworm facing the top of the card I feel this side wants to let this drop and walk away, call a trues. But as the tip of the bottom half of the earthworm also faces up it looks like it is in pursuit of its now submissive prey… The backs vertical lines are in disarray and bring with them ridged confusion and disorder.
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