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The only thing I can possibly dream up to add is that the glasses don't look transparent, like crystal ones would. They are opaque goblets, only showing the top surface of their contents ... just as, at the beginning of a relationship / partnership / friendship, we can't yet see all of the emotions etc involved. Not even our own!

Wow I like this Starshower

To the back of this card the bottom is intensely black. As we pass the glasses/goblets at about half way up the card, flickers of white light come from the top of the card in diagonal directions from left and right to the top of the glasses/goblets, penetrating and dispersing the darkness and causing movementÖ Black is in the shadows hidden for view, so in this context I see the back as hidden, secretive, unknown emotions and feelings, hiding vulnerabilities and insecurities. It could also mean hiding information. While black hides white brings to light, white is the colour of wiping the slate clean, it opens the way for a new beginning, purity, and innocence.
The word 'Rose' can be rearranged to spell the name 'Eros' - the god of love.
Two roses together signify a commitment or engagement. I didnít notice any thorns on these roses, a rose without thorn means you donít have to fear the giver or it could indicate love at first sight. A rose with leaves invites hope. The rosebud specifies the innocence of a budding love, while a rose in bloom states I love you. Spiritually roses mean passion and sacrifice.
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