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Tyldwick - Page of Coins

This is the first court card I've found without any animals in it, though this "earth of earth" Page has plenty of plants in his garden. The design on the coin symbol above his portrait reminds me of the model of an atom - something he would be most curious about. He is often called a student, not because he loves knowledge for knowledge's sake, but because it can be used to create, build and do things with a purpose. This Page would agree with the Zen saying, "Before Enlightenment, chop wood, carry water; after Enlightenment, chop wood, carry water." Except he would explain that his new knowledge enables him to chop and carry much more efficiently. Such a mindset shows his practical nature; he doesn't have much patience for information that can't be applied in the real world. This Page is good with details - if you send him to the store for milk, he's going to want to know what size, what brand, and if you want skim, whole or low-fat. But beware if you tell him something is true with out the facts to back it up. Any statement made to him will be met with, "Where's the evidence?" And even if you can't prove it, he might build a model or do some research to discover the truth for himself. The Page of Coins is the most diligent and reliable of all the Pages, but his scientific way of looking at everything can make him a bit odd. Like the checkerboard pattern on the garden wall, things can be black or white, useful or useless to him based on whether they are true, effective and have a valid reason for existing. He would not want to waste much time hearing about your emotional troubles, your religious philosophy, or looking at a new painting. He prefers to be a "fixer." Instead, he would probably suggest an herb for your depression, allow you to borrow his book "The Burden of Proof" and offer to hang that painting so it would be level.
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