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"Before Enlightenment, chop wood, carry water; after Enlightenment, chop wood, carry water."

That quote echoes the wheelbarrow seen in this card. Lovely!

It's interesting that this Page, of all the Page cards in this deck, has the most humble appearance. All the other pages have an ornate, decorative flair to them: large flower arrangements, for one, and a general manicured symmetry. The other Pages also seem to have a setting within the gardens they occupy, almost like a small shrine.

But the Page of Coins seems to occupy an almost hidden corner, one you'd stumble upon by accident. There's a sense of seclusion and modesty. He doesn't have any flower arrangements or vases; the red rose bush seems 'wild'. There's the worn wheelbarrow, and the tall grass just doing its thing.

I feel this Page is the most confident, but in a Zen Buddhist way, like your quote above. One appears the same, before and after Enlightenment, but so much is different internally. Appearances can be 'deceiving' in that respect.

Lovely card. Your interpretation gave me a new appreciation for it. Now it stands out, even though it can be easy to mistake it for The Wheel of Fortune card.

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