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I think it is always good to broaden your horizons... although I have yet to do so seriously myself, as I have not ventured out of the GD since I began to study a few years ago. The Thoth is the deck I use predominantly, for everything, as I think it really does have it all and in terms of GD study, I feel no lack. The only time I do is when I want to see the original GD ideas, and then I turn to the Hermetic, but I don't actually do anything with it.

So, ultimately, it's the Thoth for me. It also depends very much on the practical usage you are able to glean from the Tree each deck uses. The GD Tree, while controversial in some circles does make sense to me, both in practical and spiritual terms.

Which Wirth do you have, the Majors-only or the edition with the metallic background?
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