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Originally Posted by Breakbeat_Mystic View Post
In my original question I'm really wondering which card decks people prefer based on the degrees to which they trust the author and the content of the symbolism for Qabalistic use, at least those going the WMT route, and I suppose which decks they might find to both have content and aesthetics worked out for Qabalistic and pathworking study a bit better than the rest.
Oh, alright, now I get it. Basically most Kabbalistic decks today use the GD structure, so much so that even decks that purport not to have anything to do with Kabbalah still do. When it comes to trusting a deck's author... it really depends. Both Waite and Crowley, if we take them as an example, certainly knew their stuff, and I wouldn't want to be asked which knew more. However, they use the same structure and symbolism to say very different things. Waite was engaged in Christian mysticism, and had a penchant for Grail legends, two things that are very obvious in his deck, if you look closely enough.

I, however, am not a Christian mystic, so many of the things Waite alludes to in his deck don't sit well with me, and so any meditation on the is likely to come a jarring end quite quickly.
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