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TY, and yeah, I agree that there will always be inherent architecture based on the intended alphabet. For instance the two decks I have that put Fool on Shin have Hermit on Teth and consistently have a cobra or hydra by his foot. I'm still trying to delve in to see how many of these cards might have multifaceted aspects where it really wouldn't matter but I also have to say I'm not experienced to know for sure whether it would be ruinous to my faculties to be looking at one deck that consistently has Fool on Shin and Justice as Key 8 and Cheth or Force as Key 11 and Kaph, even if I manually switch them myself into GD positions - I tend to doubt it, subconscious probably isn't quite that gullible but, I don't know for sure whether it would slow me down or not. Some decks just seem that nice and pictorially well developed that I wonder whether they're still worth the viewing.

The other thing, I was listening to a Blogtalk radio show from a guy who I think was a Builders of the Adytum graduate and he had a lot to say on gematria and creating the associative 'net' with it - that's something I've seen glimpses of and I know a few specific examples within the tarot but I see that's a whole other level I'll probably end up diving off into. Incredibly important for me to remember also - this stuff takes time, it doesn't set over night.
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