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Originally Posted by Breakbeat_Mystic View Post
......The other thing is John's raging neoplatonism, that tends to be everyone's favorite gospel writer and I'd tend to agree but both his gospel and Revelations feel intensely greek and you feel like you can relate to him so much better after having read something like Corpus Hermeticum........
Yes, the Gospel of John sucks you in with neoplatonic sounding jargon at the beginning, before degenerating into what many consider to be the most anti Jewish of the four gospels. It is also the most compatible with Pauline theology, which makes it a favorite of fundamentalists and evangelicals. The author of John's gospel is a very clever fellow.

BTW, the Greek used in John's Apocalypse is quite different from that of the Gospel. It is much more grammatically irregular, and the vocabulary is dramatically larger. I seriously doubt that the Gospel and the Apocalypse (Revelation, not Revelations) were written by the same dude.
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