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i am taking a light hearted look at the cards i like the least-no offense is meant to any parties. just a scary look into how my sense of humor works. i won't even go there w/ the 10 of pentacles since a whole thread is devoted to it. the sun for the same reason everybody else doesn't it like except one change. i've decided the image can't possibly be of a baby-it's too adult looking. it must be a naked dwarf w/ political aspirations.(i think i used the politically correct names there-no offense to babies or dwarfs or anyone else).

1. 2 of pentacles: every time i look at this woman, i see thelma(the smart one) from scooby-doo doing aerobics on an ocean rock near a lighthouse. i hope she can solve the mystery of how she got there. i haven't a clue! LOL other than that, no problem.

2. the fool: a female about to walk off the roof of a house? you must be kidding me! honestly, the only person likely to climb up to(or go through) the roof of our house is my husband... isn't this card usually reserved for persons of the male gender? sorry! females can be fools but more likely by falling off the limit of a credit card during a shopping spree than a roof.

3. the emporer: reminds me of a certain dictator during one of last century's world wars. it's the upraised arm. other than that, it's refreshing to see the emporer get off the throne and get a breath of fresh air for a change. enough said.

4. hierophant-actually this isn't a bad one. it's just the way one arm and finger are raised in the air that i see john travolta in "saturday night fever" wearing feathers and a leopard pelt instead of a white suit. the dark background and torch to "it must be the night fever..." don't forget the adoring fans prostrate in worship. probably just me. i do have a macabre sense of humor at times.

i really am liking this deck more all the time. i'd never take the time to see humor in a deck i disliked.
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