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I look at the lovely "temptation" card regularly. All my favourite colours: green, pink, and teal.

I know a lot of people don't like digital images but I do a lot of digital work myself and love fractals and colour and plants and gardens--it's got everything I like, I couldn't believe it. I also like the font used on the cards, I am keen on typography too, so I like it when people marry the right type to the work, and I think this font goes beautifully with the images.

I will be interested to see the whole deck when I receive it and compare the different colours and get inspiration from them. Some of them are very detailed and some are plainer, even stark in some cases. Some are almost monochromatic, there is such a great variety, both in colour and design elements and they seem to fit the words so well.

I get a little bored with tarot decks and love to mix them with oracle decks and playing cards. I have a number of specialty playing cards on order from US Games and I think I'll probably use them with the Dreaming in Color deck in addition to other cards. Inventors dreaming in colour and Scientists dreaming in colour and members of the Lewis and Clark expedition dreaming in colour and getting bogged down in a reedy mosquito-ridden tributary much like on the Pride card maybe?

Many people don't like keywords on cards but I love them. The trick is to pair them with something else, like another word chosen randomly, or a passage from a book or a bit of your own poetry, or another card and then define it all in your mind.

It's a bit trickier for me to mix colours with watercolour paint than with my usual colour dropper in Photoshop ;0)), but I'm going to have a try in making colours that pick up the card colours and then writing something with them. Collage, mandalas, I don't know. I am excited about working with it and pairing it up with other decks and ideas. I shall have a luminous time with it, I'm quite sure.

Sorry, it's way too easy to get me going on an idea. <g>
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