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{{{{{{{{Floracove}}}}}} Thank you so much, you are such a dear.

Thank you TemperenceAngel, I am thrilled that you love the deck.

Darvinia...... you sound like a true artist. I love your idea of mixing up traditional tarot decks with oracle decks, playing cards, etc., and using bits of poetry or other synchronous messaging to give the cards a deeper meaning. I would almost like to be a fly on the wall when you receive these cards, I would love to watch you work with them. Please make sure you let me know when you receive them and what you've done with them, and any inspirations you have.

I am a font freak. That font is called Lainie Day, if you would like me to send it to you, let me know and I will email it. PM me. That's a hard font to work with, because the "j", the "l" and some other lower case letters go so far down you have to work with those letters on a separate layer. Also, the "c" has a funny curlicue that has to be erased so that the letter looks like a "c" and not an "e". I thought the extra work was worth it, and I am pleased you do, too.

Do you have a website? I would love to see it. Can you post an URL?

Although the artwork represents thousands of hours within a timeframe of about six years of work, the meanings are what kicked my butt the my mind, they had to be perfect, accurate and consonant with the image or the whole project would be a waste, merely an art deck. I didn't want that. So when you say that you feel the meanings really go well with the images, that confirms for me what I believe...that the meanings are true, that the channeling opened me up to outside elements/entities and guided me. I am quite positive I did not write those meanings, it was more like automatic writing.

Thank you again, Darvinia, Flora, Temperance and everyone. I am utterly thrilled with the feedback I have been getting, nothing gives me more pleasure than that.

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