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Originally posted by peapodgrrl
Darvinia...... you sound like a true artist. I love your idea of mixing up traditional tarot decks with oracle decks, playing cards, etc., and using bits of poetry or other synchronous messaging to give the cards a deeper meaning.
Well, a true folk artist anyway, if there is a difference. I have a couple of articles up about my way of working with cards. You will like the second one, it uses a fractal!

Please make sure you let me know when you receive them and what you've done with them, and any inspirations you have.
Oh wow, another person I can bombard with digital graphics, and scans of collages and poetry. ;-0)

That's a hard font to work with, because the "j", the "l" and some other lower case letters go so far down you have to work with those letters on a separate layer. Also, the "c" has a funny curlicue that has to be erased so that the letter looks like a "c" and not an "e". I thought the extra work was worth ii
And people think you just dash off a piece of digital art and it's "easy." Typography is a science, and the use of typography is an art that many people don't understand.

Do you have a website? I would love to see it. Can you post an URL?.
No, I don't have a web site. [Edited to delete extraneous URLs to tidy up the thread and keep it on-topic.]

Maybe you can see better why I like your deck. (Huge guffaw)
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