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Oh I am in love with your work.

First, I adored your readings, not the least because you are a rebel and a renegade, and do not subscribe to the elitism that consumes so many people no matter what group/craft they subscribe to---I love that about your writings. You have no doubt seen the arguing that goes on in the digital art communities when a "purist" comes in and declares that all digital art is crap and no "true" artist would ever dare to work with anything except a canvas and paint. There are "flat earthers" everywhere, and I love meeting a sister renegade.

Your work is gorgeous. First, your facility with fonts was immediately evident, I especially loved the "tea" montage and the ampersands....fabulous. And I would kill for that little beaded bag with the purple and blue pyramids.

How would you like to review Dreaming in Color for my site? I would be honored. I can send you direct urls to all of the cards, plus send you the meanings via email (Microsoft Word text). If you don't have the time, I totally understand, and will not be offended in the slightest. But if you decide to do a review, I would be thrilled and honored to put it on my site.

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