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Of course, one could also throw a wrench into the wheel and say that the Golden Dawn structure of Tarot that has become so popular (every pictorial deck is influenced by the RWS and so follows the GD structure) isn't actually Tarot at all, but something quite different, with different ends in mind than simple fortune telling. Other than the 22/56 division there isn't much similarity. It could be argued that the only true Tarot decks surviving today are of the Marseille variety.

After all, the consensus there is about different cards' meanings definitely came from somewhere, and that somewhere is all those "complications" that were distilled and simplified for the general public. Nothing comes from nothing. The meanings aren't traditional, they are not natural, they were manufactured. Seen from that perspective, Tarot was simple, then complicated, and then the complication was simplified. But calling for simplicity here is not to go back to the simple roots of Tarot, but to a distended version of simplicity that never really existed. So lets try not to rewrite history here.

So, if you're keeping it simple, what exactly is it that you're keeping simple?
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