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Here's an example.

I needed a black coat for a certain musical performance, but I didn't have (or want) one. So one morning I decided to look around the thrift shops for a used coat. I decided to ask the cards if I was on a wild goose chase. I drew a single card: it was the 8 of Cups. What the **** The keywords I use for that card are "abandoned success." So off I go the stores, no wiser than before. The first store I visited had a gazillion used coats. I found a black one which fit but decided to look around some more. Behold! I found one which I liked better, so I bought it ($6 US). When I got outside in natural light, I looked at the coat again, wasn't black; it was midnight blue. I decided to keep it anyhow, since it looked black under artificial lighting, and I liked it.

On the way home, I remembered about the 8 of Cups. Without really knowing what I was doing, I had rejected the coat which I intended to get, and instead had bought something else. "Abandoned success."

That was an example of divination pure and simple, and it usually is spot on accurate, even though I may not understand it at the time.

If, however, I want to look deeply into something (such as my psyche) in order to understand the mechanics of how it functions, I may pull out all the stops (a pipe organ analogy) and go at it full steam with all the occult tools in my arsenal. It is somewhat like Freudian depth psychology as compared to simple behavioristic counseling. It is how I came to accept and understand the shadow side of my unconscious, thereby robbing it of it's power over my peace of mind.
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