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I think also the blindfold shows that the solution doesn't come from outside. She needs to remove all external distractions. If making a difficult choice, she perhaps needs to calmly meditate on it. It's a lot of effort to be blindfolded and hold those swords up but it's a choice. But also this forces concentration rather than any kind of physical action.

It's interesting to compare this card to the blindfold in the 8 of Swords. in the 2ofS's its a choice to make that decision or even a need. Almost like sitting down to meditate. In the 8ofS's she is not looking at what she has. She could get free from that restricted position and free her hands and pull down the blindfold. She didn't choose to be in that position but she chooses to continue to stay in it and not look ahead. In both the cards though, careful thought needs to be had.
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