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Originally Posted by ravenest View Post
It does ... but 'hoodwinked' (not a hood but a 'blindfold') has another significance as the term is used in Masonic initiation. The Candidate is 'hoodwinked' as he he is led into the temple ( apart of his journey ... the purpose of which is to seek 'wisdom and peace'. )
Yes, if you are looking at why Waite would have wanted the figure 'hoodwinked' then it is a clear reference to being hoodwinked in Masonic initiations. Being blind without so one can see within. The swords are in the shape of the right-angle Square, a key Masonic symbol, on which the candidate was to swear his oath. There are drawings of the initiation showing the hoodwinked candidate next to an altar on the side of which is drawn the Square.

Moon in Libra (the Major Arcana correspondences: Priestess in Justice) along with the crossed swords refer to impartiality and "peace restored" described as the "gentle influence of the Moon" on airy Swords which "restores and pacifies." It's a kind of hanging up of the weapons. Their being crossed also echos the crossed Lily and Rose on the 2 of Wands.

The non-action can also be seen as fence-sitting.
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