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Holy Morphing Artwork Batman!

I just wanted to add that this screensaver is something else. Lovely close-ups of the cards:

"Liquidity" is the term that springs to mind. Some of the cards even have rain in them, and I swear I can hear rain and see the water moving.

I am not a screensaver person. My approach to decorating my computer desktop is like my approach to home decorating. I change the background colour every now and then and bonk a new picture up. I have used the standard Windows Mystify Your Mind screensaver since 1997. I got really wild once and used three shapes instead of two. I know, it's sad.

It's breathtaking, I've have never seen or used anything like this. It will be great to familiarize myself with the details in the cards, and to compare with the cards in-hand.

I have been pulled into a state of desktop consciousness.

It's a Zen thing.
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