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An update on this:

My collection is still growing. I got two for BOTA, one 4" by 7" 22 major trump and one of the regular sized 78 card decks - coloring both of those as I go through the Tarot Fundamentals course.

I also have Tabitha Cicero's Babylonian deck which doesn't get a whole lot of use, it was a flashy and inexpensive deck that gives a different vantage point to the Golden Dawn assignments and it's neat to have around but not sure how much I'll do with it.

One thing I am pretty stoked about - I did get one of the last available copies of Nick Farrell and Harry Wendrich's Golden Dawn Temple Tarot. I think that'll actually serve as a wonderful auxilliary to my BOTA decks and I'll probably be using that even more so in conjunction with that than the other ones I have. Its a wonderful deck to have IMHO in lieu of the Thoth for those who aren't as naturally inclined to the Thelemic outlook.
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