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Hope nobody misunderstood the intention in my previous post.
It doesn't have to be alot of cards only an example from one single card or a few from each deck. Would be great for comparison. Only its made from the same scanner or camera. It's makes the difference.

Please correct me if I'm wrong. I see it unlikely that she made all of it. Pamela made the A version with a blue back. There are the white lilies for the first time. She might been doing another one where the pink back comes in the line for the first time in history. It's still an A version but could also been done by the publisher as a follow up reproduction. Then we have the copycats all over the globe, for instance L.W de Laurence in Chicago who put his own name at almost every work he could find and use as it's own from A.E Waite and Pamela Colman Smith. I bet they were more. Here between the first one came out and the war, we get the B version.

These versions having very strong similarities in how they have been made with the other versions we haven't mentioned yet. Particularly if looking at the Sun and Temperance. A - is pretty much identical with D and B with C. The C version has been said to be the source of The Original Rider Waite Tarot Pack that came out -93, I think it's true, if not B, which both seems to belong to. Almost starting to talk a little bit french when making a spread with these cards. Just catch your eyes on the fool here and the rest of the colors here in this deck. They not from England if this artist didn't grow up in France or didn't had ancestors there around in Europe. Do you think a french artist would have the freedom to make a deck like that for an english publisher in England..Maybe today but not so sure if that would be accepted in the long term the time it happened. So what alternatives do we have, I think it's still left open unknown.

But it Is known that we lost the important plates during the war - so we got the D version which also said to be the original source for most of decks we have today. That's the source Rider & company used and U.S games took after in the late sixties.

archer1# I guess you mean the second A edition that came with the pink back.
Perhaps that's why U.S games changed the back, it had been replaced anyway.
In my opinion, it should be the blue pattern on the back.
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