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Originally Posted by rwcarter View Post
You're welcome. The images on the left are from the newly released deck-only version while the images on the right are from the original kit version. Not sure which you're referring to as being "brighter" so don't know how to answer that one.
I guess that's a taste for each person, some uses glasses etc, lucky, don't have to.

Sad just they lost the sharpness in the second run when they made the cards more bright.

That's only how I see it and also heard some people mentioned it, green was mentioned before.

It may have some impact on cards in how colors brings forward when using more light.

Yellow for instance, may look a bit more yellow, as seen in 9 pentacles and the fool.

Suppose it may be the darker grey blue tone in the first set that turned a little bit to the green levels when they did like this in the second print.
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